Lumayuru Monastery Tour

Lumayuru MonasteryLamayuru monastery is about 125 kms. West of Leh, This place is famous for one of the most famous and spectacularly set gompas in Ladakh.Lamayuru was once a lake. But with the blessings of a lama the water of the lake receded upto the mountains leaving place for the monastery to be built. This gompa is of Kagyupa Order and is oldest known Gompas in Ladakh dating back beyond the 10th century.

The gompa is beleived to be located at the Holy site where Milarepa took shelter during the religious odyssey across the Himalayas The gompa boasts of renowned collections of carpets, thangkas and frescos. The Gompa of Lamayuru is well know for Yundrung Kabgyad festival that takes place during summer on the 28th and 29th days of the 2nd Tibetan month.

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