Cycling Tour in Ladakh

Want to see whether your calf muscles are alive and kicking? Welcome to the highest mountain range in the world. Cycling in Ladakh offers a thrilling experience for those who dream of cycling through the highest mountain range in the world. In Ladakh, while cycling through beautiful local villages one can come across many of the attractive Buddhist Gompas on the way, all at the backdrop of the snow-coated Himalayan mountain ranges. Tibetan food-Momo, Noodles with Beans, Pancakes with Jam, Dal with Rice, and so on can be enjoyed after daylong performances of cycling.

A support car to carry ones luggage comes handy and helps to enjoy the great Himalayan range without any worry. But to cycle the twisted roads in Ladakh, one needs to be a technically perfect biker as the roads are rough, though paved. The best time for cycling is from mid June to September end.

One can ride through the 64km road from Leh to Alchi. There are various travel agencies, which arrange the cycling trips in Ladakh and offer their expertise. Their travel packages and schedules of itineraries may vary. Through the snaky turns of the Himalayan Roads the route takes one on a zig zag course. Leh-Hemis (45 km) is another famous cycling option.

Ladakh Cycling Tour

Alertness, activity and accuracy are the virtues of a cyclist as he/she rests his/her weight on the saddle and wheel through the rough and zigzagged roads of Ladakh. Ladakh provides wonderful opportunities for a cycling enthusiast who dreams of cycling through the highest mountain...

  • Ladakh
  • 07 Days / 06 Nights
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Manali to Khardongla Cycling Tour

The suppositions: You must be a very good biker, the high passes are not technical unpretending. The road is to 80% paved and the distances are not too long. A support car carries your luggage, so you can enjoy the great Himalayan range at the best views. The best time is 10. June-30 September...

  • Ladakh
  • 13 Days / 12 Nights
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